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  Welcome to our new families and staff and our returning Demos! I would like to introduce our new PTSA board members.

  I am  Georgie Honl, President, we have Carol Perrin, Vice president, Eric Schniewind, Treasurer, and Gabrielle Mercedes Bolívar, nominated to be Secretary. 

  Our goals this year are to create more inclusiveness within the PTSA and to see growth in our volunteer support.   

            JEFFERSON PTSA

               TOGETHER WE CAN....

  We can make changes, grow in numbers, and lend a voice to ALL Jefferson students, staff, families, and the community.

  We recognize how difficult it can be to make time for another commitment. It is so easy to get caught up in the idea that, " I don't have time to go to meetings,  volunteer for this or that. I have kids, work, sports." So let's think   in terms of, " Ok here's what I CAN do." I could donate food, or funds. I could make calls. I could reach out to a family member or friend who owns a business and they might be willing to donate gift cards, services or food. I could volunteer to help with concessions at a game or sell t- shirts. I CAN donate my time in some small way.  However that works for your family. Because if more people step up in many small ways that can make a huge difference!

  I also would like to say, "What is it that we as a PTSA can do for you?" Students, staff, what do you need to have support in your classroom, what is your group or club? Parents, what are your concerns? How can we give a voice to your cause? What ideas do you have for our Jefferson community?

  Please reach out and let us know. Sign up! Come to our meeting October 10 at 6:15 in the Community Room. We meet evey second Wednesday at 6:15. If that is not available, email us for more information. We are excited to hear from you!!!

               JEFFERSON PTSA
                  TOGETHER WE CAN !!!!!